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Artificial by SilentxTime Artificial by SilentxTime
...Yep. U:

I neglect my characters too much...

Moving character info to this nice little spot down below, because the only place to find this information is on my old account.

Roboticly Animated Intelligent Nanobots
Personality: Fun loving, kind, happy, optimistic
Random fact: She loves strawberries, even though she cannot taste nor eat.
"They're such a cute little piece of cardiac shaped fruit!"

Backstory--in a nutshell
The original RAIN--or rather Katrina-- died from a bullet. Her father, a top scientist at a government organization, is heart broken for losing his only child. He had started research on building a new weapon but out of grief changed directions and started his own personal project out of that research.
Project R.A.I.N.
From kind memory, he gave the robot relatively the same looks and personality of his late daughter.
Soon after her creation, the organization found out what he had been doing and shut down the project, firing him in the process.
Not letting so much quality work go to waste, they decided to take advantage and turn her into a weapon.
The only problem is, filled human traits, emotions, and personality, RAIN is not very fond of this idea. After finding out, she now keeps her distance from the organization. Being on her own would be tough as she was never truly completed and is still somewhat like a child-- not understanding everything that goes on in the world.


neutralizing intelligent annihilator android reactor
(pronounced: Nyarr)
Personality: Um...
Random fact: She hates R.A.I.N.

Giving up on R.A.I.N. fast, another member of the top scientists starts her own project similar to R.A.I.N.'s.
Project N.I.A.A.R.
Having no imagination of her own, she takes the image design of R.A.I.N.(adjusting the colors of course) but skips adding in the personality--seeing as how thats what screwed everything up in the first place. N.I.A.A.R.'s only purpose is to be an intelligent weapon.
But is giving more intelligence than personality really a smart plan?
SirDracoex Featured By Owner May 18, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
I was wondering when you'd post more RAIN art. She's acting really happy in this shot. XD
DaLegendary360 Featured By Owner May 16, 2012  Student Digital Artist
very nice:)
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